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April 11, 2018
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Front Runner Movable Awning Arm


This Front Runner Slimline II Rack accessory allows you to move a Front Runner Easy-Out Awning as the sun changes position — providing the maximum amount of shade at all times during the day.
The arm can be fitted to either the left or right rear corner of a Front Runner Slimline II Rack.*
Compatible with the 1.4m, 2m, or 2.5m sized Front Runner Easy-Out Awnings.
The awning can be positioned and opened at any angle between the side and the rear of the vehicle and secured using supplied guy-lines.
The movable arm has two (2) locking pins to allow securing the arm in windy weather to either the side of the vehicle to the rear.
Easy-Out Awnings mount directly to the arm.
Compatible with other retractable awnings brands, but drilling may be required to mount the awning track.

*NOTE: This awning arm only works on racks 1358mm (53.5″) L x 1255mm (49.4″) W and larger. It will not work when Expedition Rails are installed in the same location as the Moveable Awning Arm.

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