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April 11, 2018
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Mozambique Travel Sticker Set


It is compulsory for any South African vehicle, caravan or trailer to have a ZA sign displayed when it crosses any of the borders. The ZA sign must be placed on the rear of each vehicle, caravan and trailer in a visible position and may not be within 150mm of the rear number plate.

When travelling in Mozambique with a vehicle in tow, you are required to display a set of blue and yellow warning triangles. One triangle must be placed on the front right bumper of the vehicle and the other on the rear of the vehicle towed.

2 x breakdown triangles, plus another two for any trailer or caravan towed.

It is now compulsory for motorists to carry the reflective jackets when travelling to Mozambique. Your reflective vest must be made from polyester and it must be closable at the front and adjustable on all sides.

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