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April 11, 2018
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Zimbabwe Travel Sticker Set


Requirements for all vehicles driven in Zimbabwe:-

1. 1kg serviceable fire extinguisher certified by Standards Association of Zimbabwe. (South Africa extinguishers appear to pass no problem as long as they are the correct mass – over 0.75kgs)

2. 2 x breakdown triangles, plus another two for any trailer or caravan towed.

3. Reflectors as follows, must be of ‘honeycomb’ or ‘diamond’ grade:

2 x white (60mm x 50mm) either side at front (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non- commercial vehicles.

2 x red (60mm x 50mm) at either side to rear (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non-commercial vehicles.

Continuous red reflector strip (50mm wide) to within not less than 400mm of the outer edges at rear for pickups and twin cabs and light trailers.

4. When travelling in Zimbabwe and towing any caravan or trailer, you will be required to display a set of T-signs. The white T-sign must be placed on the extreme right of the caravan or trailer whilst the red T-sign must be placed on the extreme right rear of the same caravan or trailer.

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